Areas of application

For our customers we do not only want to be a supplier, but we want to live a partnership that is close and trustworthy. With our highly efficient and qualified employees we are the driving factors in the development and production of your plants.

Brewing and drink industry

German plant engineering plays a leading international role and provides the correspondent system technology for this major industry. Not only for the stage of filling, but also for every pre- and succeeding production stage, be it external or internal boilers, service water heaters and storage, vapor condensers, CIP heat exchangers, steam generators, brew kettle condensers or wort coolers. These are all essential components necessary for a modern and energy-efficient construction.

Building technology

When calculating a new building, a good life cycle assessment with minor primary personal requirements is key. State-of-the-art materials and efficient building services make achieving this easier and easier.

A modern hospital or school needs a solid supply of heat, steam and energy. These can only be guaranteed by appropriate technology.

Here, we employ our tube bundle heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, buffer tanks, steam generators, electric heating systems and flow water heaters.

Food industry

The food industry is traditionally one of the crisis-proof and continuously growing markets. And that makes sense because all over the world people eat and drink every single day.

With the increasing world population, the demand for food and drinks of all kinds increases as well. Hence, the need for  manufacturing facilities that production requires grows bigger. Essential here is the sanitary and efficient design of the different components. Our products play a vital role in this. Next to various product heaters and coolers, heat exchangers are used to clean and disinfect these machines.


A whole factory, a new university building, a modern power plant, the expansion of a district heating network or the modernization and opitmization of an already existing construction. In order for everything to work smoothly later on, intensive planning beforehand is key.

With our procedural calucation, design and budgeting of our components, we are a reliable partner for the German and the international engineering and planning offices.

We offer you precise calculations and designs in the fields of thermodynamics and stability in consideration of national and international guidelines.

Energy sector

Energy can neither be produced nor annihilated – it can only be converted into other types of engery. We apply this process in our power plants every single day. Efficiency comes more and more to the fore, no matter whether the combustion of lignite, gas or bio mass leads to electric and thermal energy, or wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants reduce environmental pollution. Employing our heat exchangers can optimize said effeciency.

There is no longer a way around our heat condensers, feed water containers, HP & LP preheaters, condensate coolers, buffer tanks and evaporators in a modern power plant.

Chemistry and Petrochemistry

Processing in refineries demands a high energy input, however it simultaneously produces energy carriers such as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and fuel oil. The chemicals division produces inorganic basic chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals, detergents, toiletries and fine as well as specialty chemicals.

In every one of these processes, heat exchangers that have to meet high standards regarding operational safety and reliability are used for heating and cooling. By employing special materials in combination with approved guidelines, we can assist you in numerous processes.

Wood and Paper

Wood is a versatile commodity. In our everyday lives, we encounter it – amongst others – in furniture, paper and  cardboard. Its production, however, is very energy-intensive and demands a good deal of water. Here, our products are employed in order to reduce environmental pollution.

Ask us about our steam generators, condensers, process water heaters or electrically driven heat exchangers for your individual implementation.

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